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Teachers of the Year 2018

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Among many impressive nominations, 7 outstanding teachers have been chosen.

On May 16th, the Milton Foundation for Education Trustees, along with Superintendent Mary Gormley and a lot of extremely excited students, surprised seven extraordinary educators. Take a peek at the celebrations and read what the community had to say about our Honorees.

Dr. Mary Grassa O’Neill Leadership Award, Jon Redden, Cunningham Elementary Principa

“Mr. Redden is the loving, caring yet strong principal you want your kids to have.”“No one has more pride for Cunningham school than Jon Redden. He works so hard to ensure the best for the students and staff at Cunningham. The students respect him and his dedication to the school shows. He works 7 days a week! You can drive by Cunningham and see his car there on Sunday evenings making sure everything is ready for a terrific monday morning. He goes above and beyond.”“Mr. Redden plays many fun & caring roles beyond his professional demands. From impromptu crossing guard, to lunchtime check-ins on the mood of 3rd graders during MCAS week, to student/faculty b-ball dunker, to dying his hair to motivate students. Mr Redden is a larger than life, celebrity-like figure at Cunningham. The students respect & admire him. He is always professional, available, friendly, approachable, and well-informed on what’s going on in his school. He’s a great communicator and and uses many media to keep parents up to speed on Cunningham goings-on. We are lucky to have someone so dedicated to our kids!”“It is obvious to anyone who walks into the school that Mr. Redden has created a school where teachers are happy to go to work, which trickles down to the kids and their enthusiasm to be there as well.”“There is no one who loves the kids in Cunningham more than Jon Redden! More importantly, he is so open about showing the kids how much he enjoys spending time with them and making the school day about them…the kids. I often feel like Jon expertly does all the day to day things he needs to do to make school run well but what he is most excited about is just being with the kids. He is kind and funny (and still firm) and emphasizes character development, diversity and respect.”

Ramsey Cadet, Tucker Elementary, Adjustment Counselor

“Mr. Cadet is a VIP at Tucker.”“Mr. Cadet is literally the face of Tucker when students arrive for drop-off in the morning.” “On countless occasions we’ve watched him comfort and build confidence in children experiencing separation anxiety.”“Frankly, we all could use some Ramsay Cadet in our corner!” “Mostly we want this skill-set and spirit of kindness and unconditional positive regard brought to bear for the benefit of our children.”“Mr. Cadet is a treasure who uplifts children to learn well and care for themselves well.”

Amy Harkins, Cunningham Elementary, OT

“Mrs. Harkins has been a tremendous resource and has been so very helpful.”“Mrs. Harkins does not simply gather items and divvy them up between the classrooms. She has educated the staff about the best uses of the items. She goes into classrooms and teaches lessons to students about appropriate uses.”“Mrs. Harkins is passionate about her work and supporting every class/teacher at Cunningham.”“I was amazed by her quick response and continued to be amazed by her throughout my daughter’s tenure at the Cunningham School.”“My daughter required Occupational Therapy up until the fifth grade. She describes Mrs. Harkins as fun, amusing, nice and helpful. Her OT visits were often the highlight of her week.”

Samantha Bullard. Collicot Elementary, Kindergarten

“She is warm, welcoming and always has a smile! Mrs Bullard is an excellent example for the students and her peers living school motto “Kindness Matters”. There are no words for how much this lady deserves MFE teacher of the year.”“Mrs. Bullard was so kind, thoughtful, consistent and talented with my son and his friends! She is a gift to Collicot School!”“She is kind, considerate and her lesson plans show great thoughtfulness. The children respond in a very positive manner to her instruction style. They are attentive clearly enjoy being in her classroom.”“She is one of the most dedicated and loving teachers I have ever met.”

Elizabeth Cardiasmenos, Glover Elementary, 5th Grade French

“Ms. Cardiasmenos has been very supportive throughout the year as the kids begin the transition from elementary school to middle school.”“Ms. Cardiasmenos challenges the kids, while making the educational lessons fun and interesting.”“As a Milton school student, Ms. Cardiasmenos went through the French immersion program and believes in its value to the children she teaches. Her example of how the program benefited her is the best proof of why we as a community support this idea as other communities cut back on innovations.”“On top of Ms. Cardiasmenos many great attributes and skills, she is a great person to work with and is always willing to meet and plan strategies to keep the kids engaged.”

Jen Troy, Milton High School Library

“I cannot think of a more deserving candidate. Jen possesses exceptional knowledge, is always willing to help in any capacity, and one of the most kind and considerate individuals in Milton Public Schools.”“Jen Troy goes above and beyond everyday for everyone in this building.  In the four years that Jen has been here, she is always positive, upbeat and pleasant. She loves her job and the students love her. She is my go to person for many things and Jen never hesitates to drop everything and assist us!!!”“Jen is one of the most dedicated, knowledgeable and caring staff members in Milton Public Schools. She has a great rapport with both adults and students. Her approachable demeanor is a welcomed presence here at Milton High School. Her “go-getter attitude,” intellect and problem solving abilities has helped to elevate student achievement across the board. Milton High School would not be what it is today without Jen Troy.”

Jennifer Rhodes, Pierce Middle School, Math

“Jen is an awesome educator who consistently strives to make math education accessible to all students”“She takes full command of her classroom and her students really respect her.”“She lends a helping hand when needed and always gives great advice. Jen is professional, compassionate, and hardworking.”“Mrs. Rhodes explains things when they are confusing to me. She has a way of explaining them to me that help me make sense. She shows me things like visual models or other methods that are helpful.”

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