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STEM and Literacy Grant for Glover Kindergarten

“I wanted to thank you again for accepting my STEM and literacy grant.  I am sending along some pictures of the materials in action with some of my Kindergarten students.  They are using the ramps and balls and the design and build engineering centers (bridges, vehicles, and houses). ” – Carolyn Brandi, Glover Kindergarten

Makey Makey

Members of Milton Foundation of Educators Committee,

First of all, I would like to thank the Milton Foundation of Educators Committee for awarding me the funds for the “Real life connections to Coding using Makey Makey” Project.

I wanted to update you on the progress of the funded project.
Students have been enthusiastic in their efforts of finding creative ways of integrating the Makey Makey circuit boards with their knowledge of coding and software applications. I have provided a set of photos and a video link for two examples of student projects.
The first shows the construction of an interactive steering wheel that is connected to the computer via a Makey Makey device. With this device the users are able to navigate through Google Maps Street View seamlessly, simulating the driving of a vehicle with the capability of moving forward, turning left or turning right.

The second set of photos show a Giant Controller created by students to connect to a Scratch Coding Project via a Makey Makey board. Earlier in the year students worked on their coding skills using Scratch. With the Makey Makey boards they now have the opportunity to remix the coding to coordinate with the newly connected controller.

Thank you, Greg Forge

MHS Library Spring Grant

Happy to be part of MHS’s first day announcements!

New Library Announcements!

  • We received a grant from the MFE in the Spring to purchase materials to support the social-emotional well being of our students. With the funds, we were able to purchase some tools similar to those found in the Take 5 room. They can be accessed by students before school, after school and during lunches at a bookshelf near the fiction section. Feel free to stop by and check it out.

Milton Foundation for Education

The Milton Foundation for Education’s mission is to enhance the quality of education within the Milton Public Schools by generating and distributing financial and other resources to make possible innovative programs and opportunities that are beyond the reach of the school system’s budget.