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FALL 2018

Attention Teachers: We are pleased to announce our Fall Grant Cycle!

Purpose: Our competitive grants are designed to encourage and reward effective, innovative teaching. The proposed projects are expected to show direct benefit to students and impact classroom teaching.

Deadline: Friday, November 9, 2018 by the end of the school day.

Application: Attached to this email. Please submit via email to:

Guidelines: Included with application forms. Also, reference our website for examples of past grants.

Maximum award: Requests for $1,000 or less per grant preferred. Requests for more may be considered.

Awards per school: No present limits on the number of awards per school. The foundation attempts to award each school about the same amount of funding but will grant awards on the basis of the number and quality of proposals received.

Who is eligible: Teachers and staff members in all grades may apply individually or in groups.

Approvals: Each grant needs to be approved by your principal and department head. Because applications are electronic, please respect the honor system for approvals.

Questions: Please Contact: Leslie Collins at or 617-821-9560

About the Program:

The Milton Foundation for Education has funded hundreds of projects since 1995, supporting a wide diversity of teacher-initiated projects in the arts, mathematics, music, science, the environment, history, literature, language, social skills, and valuing diversity. These investments in Milton’s children provide educational enhancements that will extend beyond the duration of the money.

Please click on the following links to see some of the grants we have funded over the years.

Fall Grant Cycle Info
Fall Grant Cycle Application


To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, a one-time commemorative grant of $20,000 was created to complement our fall and spring grants cycles.

We are thrilled to announce the winner of this grant, “For the Love of Libraries.”  This grant will provide much needed updates to the book collections at the four elementary school libraries with an emphasis on nonfiction materials.  Presently, the average publication date for material in Glover and Tucker is 1990 and in the Collicot-Cunningham collection is 1992.  For “The Love of Libraries” grant will provide 1, 124 newly published quality titles for circulation, which will allow 2,105 students access to wider reading, motivate learners, and support students as they develop independent information literacy skills.

Congratulations to School Librarian, Lori Henry, for writing and applying for the grant.  She is looking forward to these new books to be stocked in the library very soon.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR COMMUNITY SPONSORS & DONORS who help to make these grants possible and enhance all 6 Milton Public Schools.

Fall Grant 2017 Cycle:

Thanks to your support the MFE was able to award more than $16,000 by funding 19 grant proposals.

For those curious about how the committee arrives at its recommendations, the most important factor in determining a proposal’s eligibility for funding is the quality of the idea and its benefit to student learning. This is at the core of the MFE’s mission, and we love to see student-centered proposals. In addition, applications must demonstrate creativity and/or innovation in education, clearly state the objectives of the proposal, and discuss the method of assessing the impact of the grant.

Here is a sampling of this fall’s awards:

  • Music Education
  • Inclusive Art
  • Math Document Cameras
  • Chez Nous on Lit

 Thank you for your continued support of the MFE’s Grant program through the Annual Appeal!


Thank you for your continued support of the MFE’s Grant program through the Annual Appeal!